'Worse than Brexit': fans distraught as famous London kebab shop Mangal 2 shuts down its Twitter account

Fans of a famous London kebab shop have been left distraught after its official Twitter account closed down.

The Mangal 2 social media account had garnered tens of thousands of followers with its wide-diversity of often humorous tweets, which covered topics ranging from The Simpsons’ Apu to Arsenal to gender politics.

The Dalston-based kebab shop responsible for the account has become a huge hit in the capital, with people travelling from far and wide to sample its culinary delights.

It tweeted on Thursday: “Hi everyone. I’ll be deleting this account tomorrow.

“Don’t worry, the restaurant will still be exist. Thanks for all the love, hate, bots & RTs. My name is Ferhat Dirik. Reach me for writing projects via Dirik89@gmail.com. It’s been quite a journey.

“One last thing, F*** Nando’s.”

Farewell tweet: The final post from the Mangal 2 Twitter account

Comedian David Schneider was one of many to express woe at the news.

He said: “Sad to lose you. Thanks for all the laughs!”

DJ Artwork added: “Don’t ….. please no.”

One person said: “This really is the death of Twitter,” while another added simply: “Worse than Brexit.”

Another Twitter user said: “This account is literally the only thing I kept my Twitter account for. I’ll miss you so much.”

The entertaining account helmed by Mr Dirik amassed almost 80,000 followers, and more recently covered gun control, Steven Seagal and Stephen Hawking.

The restaurateur also gave his views on the “Wenger Out Movement” at Arsenal FC.

And reserved a special tweet for his mum.

Mr Dirik confirmed the account would remain open but there would be no new tweets.

He tweeted: “The account will remain open, but I will not use it, and I’ll delete the app. Consider its existence like a gallery into the soul of a kebab-seller who knew too much. 

“Thanks for all your kind words.”

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