Wolf-whistlers in France could be slapped with £300 fine under strict new harassments laws

Politicians in France are considering fining wolf-whistlers more than £300 under a new law combatting lecherous behaviour.

The proposals, set out by a parliamentary committee, suggest that men who harass women on the street should be slapped with the fine under stricter laws.

The Government is expected to incorporate the recommendations into new legislation within months, French media reported.  

It comes as various anti-sexual harassment campaigns around the world, including #MeToo and #TimesUp, highlighted the prevalence of France’s macho culture, where women are regularly subjected to unwanted sexual advances and harassment. 

Anna Soubry comments on the Westminster sexual harassment scandal

The parliamentary group, set up by gender equality minister Marlène Schiappa, was tasked with defining harassment and considering a new law designed to tackle it.

It is advising the government to include creating an “intimidating, hostile or offensive situation” or “injurious to the dignity of others because of their gender or sexual orientation” under the new criminal offence. 

Perpetrators would be fined between €90 and €350 (£79 to £308).

Wolf-whistling, making obscene or insulting remarks or pestering women for their phone number would be considered a criminal offence.

On Friday, stars attending French film awards night the Césars will wear white ribbons in protest of violence against women.

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