'TV's new golden couple!': The Queen and Sir David Attenborough hailed 'adorable' and 'inspirational' in documentary

The Queen and Sir David Attenborough became an unexpected double act for prime time TV after scores of delighted viewers praised the pair’s appearance on a new documentary.

The two very British icons were filmed on ITV show The Queen’s Green Planet – where they were seen wondering around the royal gardens discussing the many trees on display.

Their witty and endearing rapport quickly became a hit with the public, with many taking to social media within minutes of the start of the programme.

Describing the show as “perfection”, they said RH and Sir David were “adorable” and even went as far as to say the programme made them “proud to be British”.

“The Queen and Sir David should have a regular show! I could watch them chatting all day long,” one viewer wrote.

“I think we’ve found television’s new golden couple,” added another.

“#QueensGreenPlanet @itv A televisual triumph,” posted one person. “Two widely respected nonagenarians talking great sense on the environment, responsibility and internationalism – without laying it on with a trowel and doing it with charming wit and genuine humour.”

The two were seen joking about a sundial positioned in the shade and a tree that looked like it had been “sat on” – the Queen’s words – as they took a tour of the Buckingham Palace gardens.

Their light-hearted chatter about the importance of trees stole the hearts of viewers across the nation.

Queen and David Attenborough joke about sundial in the shade

One viewer said: “If we all had an ounce of the Queen’s passion for the future of our planet our world would be a much brighter place. Truly inspiring.”

Another wrote: “It is heartwarming to realise that #HerMajesty cares as much as she does about the future of the planet, especially when #environmentalism is often thought a young person’s purview. Good on you, #QueenElizabeth for being a role model.”

Cause: The programme was part of an initiative to raise awareness across the Commonwealth

The show is raising awareness of The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy which was launched in 2015 to preserve indigenous forests and advance sustainable forestry across the Commonwealth.

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