Tube commuters react in 'most British way possible as drunk woman throws After Eight mints at them'

Tube commuters apparently reacted in a typically British fashion when a drunk woman allegedly hurled After Eights at their heads on a busy train.

Passenger Helen Clarkson claimed commuters avoided eye contact as they were hit on the head by the mint treats in a Tube carriage on Monday night.

She said those in the carriage responded in the “most British way possible” by ignoring the chaos around them.

Ms Clarkson wrote: “There is a drunk woman on the tube throwing After Eights at everyone and, in the most British way possible, everyone is pretending they aren’t being hit on the head by tiny chocolatey squares (which hurts by the way) and not looking at anyone else in the eye.”

Her post was retweeted thousands of times by amused Brits.

Jessica Daley said the tweet made her “laugh out loud,” while another person said: “quiet desperation is the English way.”

Tube commuters were allegedly hit on the head by After Eights after a drunk woman hurled them around a train carriage

Emily suggested that “maybe an eye roll and a pointed glare or two” would have been a more appropriate response.

And Jo Erith wrote: “Someone will probably start tutting in a minute – just very quietly in the corner.”

Sarah Gibbs added: “It could have been worse, it could have been Yorkies”.

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