Transgender woman becomes first in world to breastfeed baby

A transgender woman has become the first in the world to be able to breastfeed her baby.

The 30-year-old woman did not give birth to the baby, nor has not undergone gender-reassignment surgery like a breast augmentation or a vaginoplasty.

She told doctor’s at Mt Sinai’s Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York that she wanted to try and breastfeed the child after her pregnant partner decided not to.

The unnamed woman was put on hormone replacement therapy from three-and-a-half months before the birth using the drug domperidone, obtained from Canada.

The drug is not approved by the American FDA but is commonly used in the country in ‘DIY hormone therapy’.

This, combined with frequent breast pumping, meant she was able to produce eight ounces of milk a day.

The patient was producing enough milk to exclusively breastfeed for six weeks, and then continue feeding the baby along with other sources of nutrition for another six months.

The authors of the case study, published in journal Transgender Health, wrote: “We believe that this is the first formal report in the medical literature of induced lactation in a transgender woman.”

The patient’s doctor Tamar Reisman, MD, described the feat as a breakthrough in transgender medicine.

She told the Mail: “We are happy that the patient shared her experience with us, and we are happy to help our patients build happy, healthy, transgender families.”

The patient, who was in good health with no medical issues, had started a hormone regimen separately of Mt Sinai in 2011 before coming to the centre, where she underwent therapy under the supervision of Dr Reisman and program manager Zil Goldstein.

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