Tory peer uses word 'c***' in House of Lords debate as she describes abuse aimed at politicians

A Tory life peer used the word “c***” in what is thought to be a House of Lords first during a Parliament debate on online abuse.

Speaking to fellow Lords on Thursday, Baroness Jenkin described how a female Conservative general election candidate was called a “f***ing Tory c***” by a group of activists gathered outside her home in June.

Her Asian activist was also told she deserved to have her throat slit and the candidate’s team were repeatedly spat at, Baroness Jenkin, 62, claimed.

She told the story during a motion on the role played by social media and online platforms on Thursday afternoon.

The Baroness spoke during a debate on personal abuse directed to politicians via social media. (Parliament TV)

“Let me give you a real example, one of many,” the peer, who is married to Essex Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, said. “During the election campaign in June, the Ealing Central and Acton Conservative candidate was met daily outside her home by a large group of Momentum and Labour activists yelling at her.”

She added: “And I quote – and please, my Lords, forgive the un-Parliamentary language and block your ears if you are sensitive or easily offended – yelling, ‘f***ing Tory c***’. 

“My lords, this woman has a young child, how can this be acceptable and how does this not deter other mothers from stepping up?

“Her activists and her volunteers were repeatedly spat at. 

“They told an Asian activist that she deserved to have her throat slit and be in the ground for being a Conservative and much, much more on social media.”

The Standard has contacted Momentum for a response following Baroness Jenkin’s comments.

It comes as Twitter announced it is implementing new rules which will aim to cut down on hateful and abusive comments on the social media platform.

More than 180,000 abusive tweets were sent to MPs in just three months, with the day of the EU referendum seeing politicians targeted with a mammoth 7,000 abusive Twitter messages in just 24 hours.

According to research, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott was the most abused female MP of the election, receiving nearly half of all abusive tweets sent to female MPs in the run up to the June 8 polling day..

Black and Asian female MPs received 35 per cent more abusive tweets than their white colleagues, even when Ms Abbott was excluded from the search results, the research showed.

In the six weeks prior to the snap election Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, and the SNP’s Joanna Cherry were also in the top five targeted for abuse.

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