Thousands urge 'don't bomb Syria' in protests against airstrikes as Theresa May grilled by MPs

Thousands gathered at demonstrations across the UK to protest military action against Syria as Prime Minister Theresa May was grilled by MPs in the Commons.

A huge crowd came together in Parliament Square, while protests were also held in Bristol, Exeter, Swansea and Milton Keynes on Monday.

The PM took the decision over the weekend to join the US and France in launching airstrikes on Syria, targeting the Assad regime’s chemical weapons bases.

But she came under fire by ministers today for taking action without first obtaining parliamentary approval.

Several protests were organised across the UK (EPA)

Hundreds protested in Westminster, urging “Don’t bomb Syria”, as more than 100 ministers questioned the PM over her decision.

Organised by campaign group Stop the War Coalition, the London demonstration was the latest in a string of events protesting Saturday’s military action taking place across Britain between April 13 and April 17.

Theresa May faced questions by MPs over her decision to take military action (EPA)

The organisers wrote in the event information: “More bombing would prolong the agony of the Syrian people and risk causing a catastrophic war with Russia.

“We will be protesting on Monday when Parliament returns on Parliament Square from 5.30pm.”

In Bristol, a huge crowd of protesters marched through the city centre blocking roads during rush hour.

Protesters were hear shouting “Trump and May have got to go”, local media reported.

Mrs May defended her decision in the Commons, insisting the airstrike on the Assady regime was in “Britain’s best interest” after a chemical weapons attack in Douma.

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