Teacher agrees to donate kidney to student in life-saving gesture

A teacher from Ohio offered her kidney to a student in need in order to save the 10-year-old’s life.

Tanya Thomas, a fourth grade teacher at Slate Ridge Elementary in Reynoldsburg agreed to give student Eva Brown her kidney after discovering that it was a perfect match.

Although Ms Thomas is not Eva’s teacher, she became aware of the 10-year-old’s predicament after seeing a Facebook post appealing for a kidney donor.

Eva has a rare disease called collapsing FSGS and had been told she needed a kidney transplant more than a year ago.

After Ms Thomas discovered how sick Eva was she decided to check if she would be eligible to be Eva’s organ donor.

Eva brown,10, suffers from collapsing FSGS and was told she needed a new kidney a year ago (NBC Today) (NBC Today)

There was really no question and no hesitation. I felt like it was my opportunity to say we’re going to give this a try and if it doesn’t work I have to be okay with that,” she told NBC Today.

“I kind of just have that feeling of hey I’ve got two, I’ll give one. No sweat off my back,” she continued.

After discovering she was a match she met Eva and the transplant is scheduled for June 2018.

Eva’s mum, Alana Brown, said: “I thought I was going to lose my baby and now I can watch her grow up. I can watch her play. I can see her go to prom, and get married one day, and I look forward to seeing the woman she’s going to be and that’s because of Tanya Thomas.”

Slate Ridge Elementary School Principal Micca Conley said Ms Thomas considers students like her own children.

“We are moms first and teachers second and she has taken that expectation obviously to the next level,” said Ms Conley.

Ms Thomas and Ms Brown said they wanted to speak out to help spread awareness about the importance of organ donation.

To learn more about Eva and to donate to her medical expenses visit her fundraising website.

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