Taylor Swift fans 'devastated' after being moved from front row seats they booked… days before attending Reputation tour in Manchester

Fans with front row seats for Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour in Manchester said they were left devastated after being moved further back in the Etihad Stadium.

Ticketmaster contacted fans attending the Manchester leg of the tour just days before they were due to see the star perform to inform them that they had been allocated different seats due to “stadium problems.”

A number of fans who were affected received text messages and emails from the company saying that their seats had been changed.

Swift played two dates at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium over the weekend on Friday, June 8 and Saturday, June 9. 

Fans who paid up to £250 for the front row seats also claimed they were not offered a refund by the company when they were told they would have to move.

Ahead of the Manchester gigs, a statement on the Ticketmaster site told customers that some seats had been moved due to “changes in production” and that anyone affected would receive a text and email confirming their swapped seats.

Ticketmaster’s email stated that the reason for switching seats around was due to “unforeseen issues” which caused the original seats to have a restricted view.

Natalie Bavis from Liverpool was due to attend the show at the Etihad stadium in Manchester on June 9, but three days beforehand she was told her tickets had been changed.

“I paid for ‘platinum’ seats when the show was announced in December and these were £250 each for front row, so a lot of money.

“On Wednesday night, after customer services had closed, I got a text saying I’ve been moved and upon checking I was now in row T of another section, a lot further back than the front row I paid for.

“After a lot of arguing I managed to get snake pit tickets as there were no front row seats left, but these were valued at £132 on the day I was looking, so I wanted the money difference back, which I’m still contacting financial services about, as they did not give me the platinum seats I paid for.”

She continued: “I got the snakepit tickets and went to the concert, which was amazing, but I wasn’t offered any financial compensation for the price disparity of the tickets.”

Sarah Day said her 10-year-old was “devastated” when their tickets were changed.

She wrote on Twitter: “you’ve got to be kidding me!!!!! Bought front row, block 1 tickets for @taylorswift13 in Manchester for Friday and you’ve moved our seats 2 days before! Not good enough. I have a devastated 10 year old. How do we get the seat we purchased back? #ticketmayhem”

Another fan named Lucie said: “The exact same thing happened to me, moved from block 101 (first block nearest the stage) row A, seat 5 to block 107, row H, seat 168. Absolutely devastated, just finished a degree in creative writing, these tickets were my graduation present.”

Others complained that the new seats they were allocated were not as good as the ones they originally purchased.

“Location of your new seats are inadequate to the originals.Price of concert tickets in the whole are questionable but to then just move you to a complete different area and tier,” wrote Jan Lewis.

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A statement on the Ticketmaster site ahead of the Manchester gigs said: “The event organisers have been in touch to let us know that, due to changes in production, some seats have had to be moved.

“If you’re affected, you’ll have received a text and email from us to confirm this, we’ve worked with the venue and swapped you into some new seats. To check your new seat details, log into your online account now.”

Taylor Swift opened her UK leg of her Reputation tour in Manchester on Friday, she is due to perform in London on June 22.

Ticketmaster has been approached for comment.

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