Syria news latest: Claims of missile attack on two Syrian airbases 'were false alarm' and defence system 'fired by accident'

A false alarm led to Syrian air defence missiles being fired overnight and there was no fresh attack on Syria, military sources have claimed.

A commander in the regional military alliance that backs the Syrian government told Reuters that air defence systems did fire, but that it was a malfunction and not a response to a missile attack.

Syrian state television reported overnight that anti-aircraft defences had shot down missiles fired at an air base in the Homs area, and a media unit run by the Lebanese group Hezbollah said missiles had also targeted an air base near Damascus.

State television did not disclose at the time how many missiles they thought had been fired or the likely source.

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The commander, who spoke on condition of anonymity, blamed the malfunction on “a joint electronic attack” by Israel and the United States targeting the Syrian radar system.

The issue has been with by Russian experts, the commander said.

State television showed pictures appearing to show a missile being shot in the air above the air base.

It comes only days after a US, British and French attack on Syrian targets in retaliation for a suspected chemical attack on the city of Douma on the outskirts of Damascus.

A Pentagon spokesman said there was no US military activity in that area tonight.

Asked about the missile attack, an Israeli military spokesman said: “We don’t comment on such reports.”

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