Revealed: Hyde Park is one of the 12 most valuable green spaces in the world

Hyde Park is one of the 12 most valuable green spaces in the world with an overall value of almost £19 billion, according to new research.

The popular central London park was ranked the fourth most valuable in the world, behind Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Central Park in New York and Englischer Garten in Munich.

The potential cost to developers of urban green spaces was calculated by retailer Flymo by multiplying the average cost of an apartment in the city by the size of the park.

According to its research, London average property prices are £13,197 per square metre, while Hyde Park reaches 1,416,400m2 in size.

The value of the park comes to £18.7billion.

The 12 most valuable city parks in the world (Flymo)

The results found that Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is the most expensive area of urban green space in the world.

With an area beyond four million square metres, it is worth in excess of £35.5 billion ($49 billion).

Central Park in New York is worth more than $45 billion based on New York property prices.

Other parks that appeared on the list included Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, a man-made area of green space, worth £14 billion to the city’s property market.

And while these locations come out on top, they wouldn’t be the most expensive place to buy land.

If Hong Kong’s Kowloon Park were 30 times larger, a similar size to Golden Gate Park, that land would be worth over £70 billion. Its value per square metre is in excess of £19,000.

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