Pictured: US woman mauled to death by sausage dogs

A middle-aged woman was mauled to death by a vicious pack of sausage dogs in Oklahoma.

Tracy Garcia, 52, was standing outside her home when six dachshund-terrier mixes and a border collie suddenly attacked her leaving her with injuries so severe that she later died.

The mother of two was taken to hospital following the attack on May 7, however despite doctors efforts to treat her injuries she died later that day.

Local news station News 12 reported that police who arrived at the scene on Thursday shot and killed one of the dogs after it charged at them.

The other six dogs were taken to a local veterinary clinic to be put down at the owner’s request.

The attack occurred on Banyon Road, Ardmour, Oklahoma (Google Maps)

Amanda Dinwiddie, Euthanasia technician, said six of the dogs were predominantly of dachshund breed and all of the dogs weighed under 40 pounds with legs shorter than an adult’s hand.

Three of the dogs were female and four were males.

The dogs legs were no bigger than a human hand (News 12)

“They have really noticeable characteristics like their knobby legs, knees, very short-legged dogs,” she said.

Ms Dinwiddie said that all the dogs were infested with fleas and ticks but appeared to be otherwise healthy.

“We were cleaning ticks off ourselves all day,” she said. “They are very covered, you can tell they have been living out in the woods.”

It is not clear what caused the animals to attack, but the incident is still being investigated said Sheriff Chris Bryant.

Ms Garcia, who was a house keeper at the Hilton Inn, died after the attack. She was buried on Tuesday and is survived by a son and daughter.

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