People in Scotland are mocking their local council by filling potholes with cereal

People in Scotland mocked their local council by filling potholes with cereal, claiming that the budget for fixing roads was not big enough.

A “council worker” filmed himself pouring an entire box of Coco Pops into a pothole along with a six pint carton of milk.

The cheeky chap claimed the cereal was a “temporary fix” until the budget improved.

Filmed in Kilmarnock, East Aryshire, the video addresses a recent move by the local council to increase the road repair budget to £6 million due to the high number of potholes in the area.

But many people in the aread claimed that the budget increase was not enough.

A man pours cocopops into a pothole

The video was posted on a parody page called “East Ayrshire Cooncil” with the caption “F****** Coco Pops. This is what £6 million gets you.”

It begins with an alleged “council worker” dressed in a high vis jacket pouring coco pops into a pothole in the place of tarmac to “fix the potholes”.

Explaining his actions, he says: “It’s come from the top, there’s only a £6 million budget to fix the potholes so this is a cheaper alternative.”

The video mimics a similar clip which was posted by an amateur drama group last week.

Utter Nonsense Films posted the video which featured three men dressed in high vis jackets filling potholes in the Isle of Arran with breakfast cereal. 

A spokesman for the East Aryshire Cooncil page told the Standard: “Pot holes are a massive problem!

“The council were ignoring our complaints. So instead of the usual moans we approached the issue via comedy”.

The spokesman said that he was “gobsmacked” that the video went viral.

He continued “ (We) learned today that the council convened a special cabinet meeting to discuss it (the video). Result.”

A spokeswoman for East Ayrshire Council said: “In yesterday’s Council budget, we acknowledged the problems caused by potholes and road defects, caused by the severe winter weather and we trebled the road repair budget to £6 million for the year ahead.

“There are 55 road resurfacing programmes in the pipeline and we have teams working seven days a week to repair road defects.

“Road safety is a serious issue and we would strongly discourage anyone from standing in the road and putting others, and themselves, in harm’s way.”

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