Newspaper headlines: Trump’s ‘fake schmooze’ over trade deal

Image caption The Sun reports that Donald Trump has had to climb down from an interview with the paper, where he said a US trade deal with the UK would not happen under Theresa May’s Brexit plan. The paper said although he praised the prime minister it was a “fake schmooze” as he did not backtrack on his position over Brexit.
Image caption The Times also reports that a post-Brexit trade deal with the US was “absolutely” possible, after Trump lavished praise on the prime minister. The front page also features a picture of the US president with the Queen at Windsor Castle.
Image caption The Guardian says Mr Trump “abruptly disavowed his criticism of Theresa May” and dubbed the interview published in the Sun as “fake news”. The paper says he believes the government’s white paper, which includes some alignment with EU regulation, did not preclude a US trade deal.
Image caption The Daily Express has a picture of Donald Trump and Theresa May holding hands at Chequers, referencing his so-called u-turn on the prime minister’s Brexit negotiations with the headline, “Hold on! I’ll give you a deal”.
Image caption The Daily Mail’s front page leads with the headline “The Pomp… and the pygmy”, in reference to the pomp of Donald Trump meeting the Queen, paralleled with Jeremy Corbyn’s protesting the US president’s visit to the UK.
Image caption The Daily Mirror strikes an angry tone as Mr Trump is pictured sitting in an armchair used by Sir Winston Churchill. The paper says during his visit the US president attacked the NHS, embarrassed the Queen and undermined America’s “special relationship” with the UK.
Image caption The FT Weekend also leads with news that Donald Trump attempted to “repair diplomatic wounds” after his interview with the Sun, saying Britain’s future ties with the EU “is OK with me”.
Image caption Theresa May “ignored” advice from Donald Trump to be “brutal” and “tough” in Brexit negotiations, the Daily Telegraph reports. According to the paper, the creator of The Art Of The Deal told Mrs May to “overshoot” the targets she expected from the EU in Brexit negotiations. The paper also reports that former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has returned to the paper as a columnist, something he was prohibited from doing as a secretary of state.
Image caption The i weekend said the British public welcomed Trump with 100,000 protesters taking to the streets of London, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast
Image caption News that TV presenter and radio host Richard Bacon was in an induced coma makes the front page of the Daily Star. The British star, who now lives in the US, was admitted to hospital in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, with suspected pneumonia. He has had a tracheotomy to aid breathing, his sister said.

Coverage of President Trump’s visit to the UK dominates the morning papers, and the protests it prompted. Many of the papers carry photos of the president, steering Theresa May by the elbow at Chequers.

The Guardian and the Times focus on their joint news conference and the “charm offensive” which followed Mr Trump’s incendiary interview with the Sun yesterday. Both papers describe how he “lavished her with praise”, and tried to tone down his criticism of her strategy on Brexit.

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“Fake Schmooze” is the headline in the Sun. The paper says the President was forced to row back to save a special relationship “teetering on the brink”.

The Daily Telegraph says it can reveal the advice the president gave for the Brexit negotiations which Theresa May apparently ignored. Mr Trump’s former senior aide, Steve Bannon, tells the paper he told her to be “brutal” and to demand far more from Brussels than she’d ever expect to get.

Mr Bannon says the President offered the Prime Minster some ideas from his book, The Art of the Deal, which suggests: “Overshoot your target, be tough and get on with it”.

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Image caption An official photo was issued of the Queen, Donald and Melania Trump in the Grand Corridor of Windsor Castle

President Trump’s visit to Windsor Castle for tea with the Queen – and suggestions that he breached protocol by walking in front of the monarch – featured prominently. The Telegraph shares the president’s latest tweet, as imagined by its cartoonist Matt. “Great Visit” he exclaims. “Gave the Queen a few tips on Etiquette”.

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For the Daily Mail it was a day of contrasts. Under a picture of Mr Trump meeting the Queen, and another of Jeremy Corbyn joining the protests in London, the paper says the president saw the best and worst of Britain.

The Queen rolled out the red carpet, but the president’s visit was “soured”, the paper complains, by what it calls a rag-tag band of “the usual suspects”.

The Daily Mirror devotes its front page to a photo of Mr Trump sitting in Winston Churchill’s armchair at Chequers. Under the headline, “How Dare You”, the paper says he “sparked fury” with his “smug” pose, leading some MPs to complain he was not fit to sit there.

Schools across the country are moving to ban the school run, according to the Guardian. The paper says thousands of head teachers plan to discourage parents from using their cars when the new term starts in September. The measures, which include closing roads near schools and setting up “park and stride” schemes, are designed to lessen the impact of air pollution on young people’s health.

The Times reports that some of France’s most famous chateaux have come together to challenge plans for more prominent health warnings on bottles of wine. The group of 64 leading vineyards and champagne houses say the new stickers – warning women against drinking during pregnancy – would damage “the soul of France” and turn wine into a “criminal product”. They’re accusing the health ministry of “spreading fear”.

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