Newspaper headlines: Syria strikes hit ‘the heart of evil’

Image caption US-led strikes supported by France and the UK struck “the heart of evil” in Syria, reports the Sunday Express.
Image caption The Star on Sunday also describes strikes against “evil” which it claims wiped out a weapons factory.
Image caption “May’s Russian roulette” is the headline on the front of the Sunday Mirror. It carries a picture of a Tomahawk missile being launched from the USS Monterey and claims Britain is “braced for Putin revenge”.
Image caption Meanwhile, US President Trump’s declaration “mission accomplished” is carried on the front of the Mail on Sunday. The paper also features a picture of a missile being fired.
Image caption The Sunday People warns of further strikes claiming the US and its allies are ready for a “second blitz” with an image appearing to show the strikes’ damage.
Image caption The Observer reports on what it calls a “furious backlash” from MPs over Theresa May’s order to join the US-led air strikes on Syria. It says although the decision was made without parliamentary consent, Mrs May has said she is “confident” of the success of the mission.
Image caption The UK has a “duty to act” in the fight against Syria’s alleged repeated use of chemical warfare, reports the Sunday Telegraph. Writing in the paper, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Britain’s action was to prevent other states believing President Assad had “got away with it”. He adds the UK was “standing up for principle and for civilised values”.
Image caption Whereas, the stories of the victims of the suspected chemical attack feature on the front of the Sunday Times. The paper claims there were 3,000 survivors from the incident in Douma – one is a seven-year-old girl called Masa. In other news, the Sunday Times reports on allegations against a Tory MP, who has always denied any wrongdoing.

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