New Yorkers in London fear 'crazy' violent crime spike: 'It's like home but without the breakdancing'

New Yorkers living in London have spoken of their outrage and fear at the rising violent crime rate in the British capital. 

London has seen a spike in murders this year – with the number of those killed in February and March higher than in New York for the first time ever.

Fifteen were murdered in February and 22 in March.

Both cities have similarly sized populations of around 8.5m people. New York City’s murder rate has decreased by around 87 per cent since the 1990s.

London murder rate overtakes New York for first time ever after spate of fatal stabbings and shootings

New Yorkers living in London have now told of their worry about the capital’s spiralling crime rate.

Adam Janeway, a 28-year-old MA student living in Islington, told the Standard: “I don’t know what you’ve got going on here, man – it’s crazy. 

“You got people throwing acid in other people’s faces, kids riding around on moped’s stealing cell phones. 

Ms Lee says police need to work within communities (Leslie Lee)

“I’m not the type to get political myself but I don’t really understand how your Government can continue cutting back on the police budget and not think this kind of thing is gonna happen.” 

Raniah Day, 39, a substitute drama teacher who moved to Haringey, north London, four years ago, said she was “worried” for those growing up on the capital’s streets.

She told the Standard: “I feel deeply sad when I hear that the murder rate is so high in London or in NYC. 

“I feel scared for the young men and women who are living in areas and communities where they are drawn into, or have to navigate, gangs, territories, or peer group violence.

“If I walk through an area that’s considered “unsafe”, the chances are I will be fine, but a 17-year-old or a 25-year-old from that area – who has grown up with friends or family connected to violent crime or gangs or neighbourhood disputes – could get hurt.  

“I’m glad I moved to London – it’s an amazing city. It’s far more integrated than New York, with more opportunities that cut across class or race or religion.  

“But, that’s not enough, and I think – if we are not careful – instead of improving our communities, we will diminish them.” 

Leslie Lee, a documentary producer who moved to London in 2002, said the city resembled New York before former Donald Trump supporting Mayor Rudy Giuliani cracked down on crime in the 1990s.

He said: “I think London is starting to feel a little like old-school New York City in the 1970s and early 80s, only without the graffitied subway cars and breakdancing. 

Sadiq Khan ‘heartbroken’ by London murders

“Although Rudy Giuliani was known to us as the ‘Taliban Mayor’ (in that he eradicated sex, music and dancing from NYC), his infamous zero tolerance approach to crime resulted in a much, cleaner and safer Big Apple.  

“London’s biggest problem is there are fewer cops in an enormous sprawl of a city, due to budget cuts. 

“The police need to work within communities, to understand youth conflict and find ways to resolve it.”

Home secretary Amber Rudd recently denied frontline policing cuts were responsible for rising rates of violent crime. 

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