Nando's fans thrilled after Peri-Peri chicken chain launches halloumi fries

Nando’s fans are overjoyed after the Peri-Peri chicken chain announced it would be adding halloumi fries to its UK menu.

The popular chicken restaurant teased the new addition by sharing a close-up picture of the fried cheese sticks on Twitter.

It wrote: “We’ll just leave these here.”

The high street restaurant has added Halloumi Sticks & Dip to its line-up after the dish was trialled at the end of last year.

Customers can now order five strips of grilled halloumi cheese, with sweet chilli jam for dipping.

Fans were quick to share their excitement about the new snack.

Danny wrote on Twitter: “Please tell me that’s halloumi fries.”

Another person added: “I just started crying upon finding out Nando’s are starting to sell halloumi fries, wish I was joking tbh.”

While others simply used memes to express their joy:

Nando’s has also brought out a Veggie Cataplana – chargrilled veg, chickpeas and beans served on spicy rice.

Both are available around the country from Tuesday February 27, according to the Independent.

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