Max Mosley denies lying in court over racist leaflet in explosive interview saying 'I am not a racist'

Max Mosley has denied lying in court about a racist pamphlet he is said to have signed which claimed “coloured immigrants threaten your children’s health”.

Asked if he had perjured himself on an interview with Channel 4 news on Tuesday evening, Mr Mosley replied: “That is a very offensive suggestion that you shouldn’t make.”

He said: “I have never been a racist, I am not a racist, never will be a racist.”

The former F1 boss, 77, told the High Court in a privacy case in 2008 that reports he was involved in a leaflet distributed by the candidate for his father Sir Oswald Mosley’s party were “absolute nonsense”.

The case, in which Mr Mosley successfully sued the News of the World for breach of privacy after it published details of an orgy with five prostitutes, touched on the distribution of the leaflet during the 1961 by-election in Moss Side, Manchester. 

It was sent out on behalf of Union Movement candidate Walter Hesketh when Mr Mosley was acting as his election agent.

Held in the Working Class Movement Library in Salford it reads: “Let us give the coloured people a fair deal by sending them back to good jobs and good wages at home in Jamaica.”

It also suggested immigration was linked to “tuberculosis, VD and other terrible diseases”.

Asked by the newspaper’s QC Mark Warby in the 2008 case if there was “any truth” in reports of the pamphlet, Mr Mosley replied that they were “absolute nonsense”.

The leaflet was not produced in court but now the Daily Mail has obtained a copy and bears Mr Mosley’s name at the bottom.

Mr Mosley told C4 that he believed what he said in court at the time was true and still believes that now.

Asked about the line “coloured immigration threatens your children’s health” Mr Mosley said: “I think that probably is racist, I will concede that completely.”

But he said he had “no reason to apologise to anyone” adding: “This was a statement in a leaflet which I am not even sure is genuine, which would never reflect my view, it would not reflect my view then or now because I simply wouldn’t dream of insulting people.”

He has also suggested its publication is linked to his current attempts to have historic articles relating to the orgy erased under data protection laws.

Mr Mosley added to reporters: “It appears that the historical investigation pursued by the Daily Mail is yet another misconceived attempt to intimidate and deter me.

“I will continue to campaign for the vital reforms needed to protect ordinary people against the bullying of newspapers like the Daily Mail.”

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