Man mixes dance song entirely from Tesco checkout noises … and it's an unexpected 'banger'

A producer created a dance track remixing sounds heard at Tesco and it proved to be an unexpected hit.

Ben Suff Donk’s track entitled “Self-checkout Riddim” includes samples of the familiar checkout phrases such as “unexpected item in bagging area” and “please take your change.”

The producer posted the techno hit on his Twitter page on Friday and it immediately racked up thousands of fans.

Many people described the track as a “banger.”

One person wrote: “This is amazing… get it over the tannoy.”

Another person described it as the “biggest tune of 2018”

One person said they wanted to make it their phone ringtone.

Dara Kinnane described the tune as an “absolute belta [sic]”.

Many people asked whether or not the supermarket-themed song was available on Spotify.

Currently the track is not available on Spotify, but fans can listen to it on Ben Suff Donk’s soundcloud.

So far the tweet has been liked over 34,000 times.

The Standard has contacted Tesco for further comment.

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