London Zoo penguins frolic in snow as capital endures arctic conditions

London Zoo has released an adorable picture of one of its resident penguins frolicking in the snow as the UK was immersed in a Siberian cold blast.

Temperatures across the country plummeted into minus figures as the week began, with upto 20cm of snow predicted in some areas.

Commuters were pictured battling through freezing temperatures and snow flurries as they determinedly made their way into work.

But elsewhere in London, some of the capital’s residents gleefully made the most of the arctic weather.

The zoo shared a picture of one of its Humboldt Penguins enjoying the light flurries of snow over the city on Monday morning. 

“Our Humboldt #penguins enjoyed today’s snow flurries,” the zoo tweeted.

Penguins are commonly associated with snowy weather but, unlike their colder climate relations, the Humboldt is normally found in coastal Peru and Chile.

They are, in fact, named after the strip of water it swims in, the Humboldt Current and live in nests on rocky coasts.

Let’s hope they are prepared for the heavier snowfall set to descend on the capital later in the week! 

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