London in snow: Stunning time-lapse footage captured by the View from the Shard shows 'snowmageddon'

Stunning time-lapse footage captured at the top of the Shard shows a snow storm moving across London.

A camera positioned on the capital’s highest viewing platform documented extreme weather conditions in the city¬†between Monday and Tuesday.

Londoners were astonished after an epic storm barrelled into the city centre, transforming the landscape with bursts of heavy snow.

But the blizzard came between periods of brilliant sunshine, leaving many baffled by the bizarre changes in weather.

Incredible weather – dubbed the “snowmagaddon” – hit London at around 2.15pm, bringing heavy snow flurries and grey skies.

But the storm quickly passed as clear, sunny sky returned by 2.45pm.

The View from the Shard caught footage of the storm as it rolled in.

The UK is in the throes of a February freeze that has claimed three lives in a road crash.

Scores of schools around the UK have also been forced to close due to the adverse weather conditions.

Conditions are not likely to improve for several days, with forecasters warning that snow will continue well into the week.

An amber snow warning is in place for the North East and Scotland from 6am on Wednesday to 12pm on Thursday, with up to 40cm of snow expected to fall during that period.

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