Lesbian couple overjoyed after accidentally proposing to each other at exactly the same time

A lesbian couple were overjoyed after they proposed to each other at the same time without realising the other was going to pop the question.

Tori Monaco from Austin, Texas, had been planning the perfect proposal to partner Berkley Cade and was going to ask the question during a family game of Pictionary.

But when she got down on one knee, Ms Cade shocked her by whipping out her own diamond ring that she had been keeping secret.

The stunned lovebirds both said yes and shared a video of the romantic moment online.

Surprise: Tori, right, was left stunned when Berkley whipped out a ring mid-proposal ( BerkleyLovesTori)

The clip shows Ms Cade drawing on the Pictionary board as Ms Monaco tries to guess what she is writing, saying: “Woman? Man? Proposal?”

As Ms Cade obliviously continues drawing, Ms Monaco gets down on one knee behind her and says: “Hey Berk, will you marry me?”

Ms Cade is stunned for a minute before the person filming the romantic moment says: “Show her Berk. Show her!”

She then pulls out an engagement ring she had purchased, much to the surprise of Ms Monaco.

Romantic: Tori was finally able to finish her proposal, leaving both women in tears (BerkleyLovesTori)

The two were both bemused by the coincidence, asking their friends and family if the other knew about the proposal.

When they discover it was a complete surprise, Ms Monaco: “What the heck? This is a joke. This is a set up.”

The two then took to Twitter to share pictures of themselves wearing their rings and a cute snap of them kissing. 

“I planned a proposal for months… little did I know she planned one too!” Ms Monaco tweeted.

“Now I know why you pretended you hated Pictionary. You tricky girl. I love you so much. Can’t wait to marry the s**t out of you.”

Her now-fiance wrote: “After four LONG months of keep this secret… turns out Tori McKinzi Marie Monaco was keeping one too. 

“I cannot wait to marry the woman of my dreams. I love you forever baby.”

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