Jacob Rees-Mogg reveals he was stopped and searched by police on Pall Mall

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg today told how he was stopped and searched by police in central London under anti-terror powers.

He said he was driving with his children down Pall Mall when he was pulled over by officers who “recoiled” after discovering bundles of children’s clothes in the boot.

Speaking about London’s violent crime wave on his new LBC phone-in show, he said: “The police have powers that they need for stop and search. It’s important they use them as they see fit.

“They used these powers to stop me as I was driving my children along Pall Mall.”

He described being “hauled” over by officers and having his boot searched, which was found to be full of children’s clothes and toys.

“They had the ability to stop anyone for anything – they just didn’t like the look of me,” he said. “And at that time they could stop they felt like in specified zones around sensitive government areas.”

He added: “They were very polite, I must confess I was a little bit grumpy…in PG Wodehouse terms, far from being gruntled.”

He was speaking in response to a caller’s question about London’s violent crime epidemic, with 59 murder investigations launched in the capital this year.

Last night, a woman in her 30s was stabbed to death in Brixton and a young father was also fatally stabbed in north London.

Jacob Rees Mogg supports decision to strike Syria without parliamentary backing

During the debut show, Mr Rees-Mogg also answered defended Theresa May’s decision to launch air strikes on Syria without consulting Parliament.

He said: “I don’t think time is on your side when you are responding to a chemical attack.

“I’m very supportive of the Government’s decision to do this without a prior parliamentary vote.”

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