'In a nutshell, what is Brexit?' Love Island star Hayley Hughes invited onto BBC Daily Politics for crash course on Brexit

Love Island’s Hayley Hughes was invited onto the BBC’s Daily Politics show today to learn about the ins and out of leaving the EU.

The reality TV star from Liverpool, who was booted off the ITV2 show last week, had a lesson from Brexiteer Nigel Farage, Remain supporter Alistair Campbell and the BBC’s Brussels’ correspondent Adam Fleming live on air.

Ms Hughes was ridiculed by Love Island viewers after she admitted during her time on the show that she “seriously didn’t have a clue” about Brexit and asked if it would mean “we didn’t have any trees”.

She told the BBC’s Daily Politics: “I do care about Brexit, I just don’t have an understanding of it”, before asking correspondent Mr Fleming: “What is Brexit in a nutshell?”

Love Island’s Hayley Hughes appearing on the BBC’s Daily Politics show alongside Brexit arch-rivals Alistair Campbell and Nigel Farage (BBC)

He then proceeded to give Ms Hughes a crash course on the main issues. Presenter Jo Coburn was then forced to hush arch-rivals Mr Farage and Mr Campbell when the former Love Island contestant asked: “How will this affect my life and everybody else’s?”

Love Island’s Hayley Hughes quizzes BBC Brussels correspondent on Brexit

The tables were then turned on the Brexit correspondent as Ms Hughes asked: “Who is your favourite couple in Love Island?” 

Nigel Farage with Love Island’s Hayley Hughes (@Nigel_Farage)

He replied: “I’ve lost track of who is coupled up with who but I have to say, that if Adam were to win, it would be good for Adam’s everywhere, apart from the fact that some people think he’s a bit evil.”

Presenter Ms Coburn then turned to Mr Campbell and Mr Farage and asked: “What about you two? What do you two know about Love Island?”

Former spin doctor Mr Campbell replied: “Absolutely nothing, apart from that Hayley said something about Brexit”, while the former Ukip leader admitted he hadn’t watched it but that it “sounds like rather good fun.”

“It is fun”, a beaming Ms Hughes said. 

Returning to the topic of Brexit, she said: “Since I’ve got to learning about it, I’m actually finding it really interesting.”

Ms Coburn later asked her: “Do you understand everything he [Mr Fleming] is saying?” to which Ms Hughes nodded and said: “Yeah I understand.”

Ms Hughes was blasted during her time in the Love Island villa for “pretending to be thick” and saying she did not know what an earlobe was.

The former Ukip leader later tweeted a photo of himself posing with his arm around the Love Island star. He captioned it: “Exchanging notes on Brexit with Hayley Hughes.”

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