Hundreds of Eurostar passengers caught in SIX HOURS of delays with vast queues at St Pancras and Gare du Nord 'due to power failure'

Eurostar customers were hit with huge delays after a power supply failure prevented trains from entering the channel tunnel.

Trains to and from the continent were temporarily suspended on Sunday due to the power failure, train bosses said.

Problems began at 10am today when Eurostar tweeted: “Due to a problem with the overhead power supply in the Eurotunnel, our services are currently stopped at the entrance of the Eurotunnel.”

They said the tunnel reopened at 12.25, but there was further chaos when the Eurostar area in the Gare du Nord had to be evacuated due to a security alert.

At 3.30pm Eurostar said there was still disruption, with delays of one hour.

They posted online earlier: “We apologise to customers travelling between the UK and the continent today.

“Due to a problem with the overhead power supply in the Eurotunnel, our services are currently stopped at the entrance of the Eurotunnel.”

“Engineers are in attendance and are working to toward a resumption of power as soon as possible.

“Again, we sorry if your journey has been affected.”

Footage showed huge crowds of people waiting at St Pancras International Station as engineers worked to resolve the issue with almost identical scenes on the French side.

Furious passengers vented their frustration with the service online.

One man wrote: “Yep, our train is now late and no time set for boarding.

“Electrical troubles at the tunnel. I guess we will be filing a compensation claim.

“Hopefully we will make our @LaTourEiffel tour that is booked for today. @Eurostar #EuroStar #eiffeltower.”

Rory Sutherland wrote: “Eurostar. Everything you hate about air-travel recreated in a train.”

Elisa Blancher said: “All #Eurostar trains are currently stopped at the entrance of the eurotunnel due to “electrical issues” @Eurostar Your service is constantly terrible for outrageous prices that’s one thing that never changes @EurostarUK.”

In a statement released later in the day the company said it had resolved the issue but that passengers would still face severe delays.

“We’ve been advised that the channel tunnel is now re-opening, meaning that services will slowly be able to resume.

“Knock-on delays can be expected over the remainder of the day.

“We apologise if – due to the volume of contact – we’ve not been able to reply individually,” it said.

Meanwhile passengers travelling to Paris faced further travel misery when the Gard du Nord was evacuated due to unattended luggage.

The company confirmed in a later tweet that the evacuation was over and check in had been resumed.

Photos posted by passengers showed swarms of people in the station as they waited for delayed trains. 

People complained of no crowd control within the crowded station.

One man wrote: “@Eurostar Difficulties re tunnel and evacuation understood. But no queue control at Gare du Nord and no station announcements. Passengers for 4 trains intermingled. Delays worse because later train passengers were blocking those for earlier trains. Website useless for information.”

Eurostar apologised for the inconvenience caused to passengers in a tweet and said those affected will be able to claim a full refund.

The tweet read: “Our sincere apologies for the severe and ongoing disruption affecting services today. Given anticipated delays are in excess of an hour, passengers will be able to obtain a free-exchange.”

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