Earthquake in Cumbria: Homes shake as tremors felt after second quake of 2018 hits UK

An earthquake has struck the UK for the second time this month.

The tremor rocked Cumbria on Wednesday morning and has been recorded by the British Geological Survey.

It hit at about 7.30am and reportedly left homes shaking for about 20 seconds.

Seismologist Stephen Hicks posted on Twitter: “Looks like there was a minor earthquake in the Cumbria region of the UK this morning at around 07:33 am.

“Some felt reports of shaking from Twitter.”

He said there was no magnitude available yet but speculated it was likely less than 3.5 in magnitude.

The British Geological Society put the magnitude at 3.2.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Just felt an earthquake tremor in Cumbria! The house shook for about 20 seconds.”

Another said: “Did anybody just feel an earthquake for a second? Me and my neighbours just went running out thinking somebody had crashed into our houses.”

Another added: “Having run outside in my pyjamas and wife’s slip-ons like some sort of suburban superhero, thinking someone had crashed into the side of our house, in turns out Cumbria was in fact experiencing an earthquake.”

It comes after the village of Cwmllynfell in Wales was the epicentre of a 4.4 magnitude earthquake on February 17.

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