Donald Trump protest in London: 'Ring of steel' in Westminster with thousands set to rally against president's visit

A ‘ring of steel’ was being erected around Parliament this morning as tens of thousands of anti-Trump protesters were due to descend on London.

Steel fences were seen being erected in Westminster amid warnings the protests to coincide with US President Donald Trump’s visit could turn violent.

Mr Trump said he felt “unwelcome” in London, citing plans for a huge baby blimp depicting him to be flown over Parliament Square.

The blimp will be flown on Friday morning, ahead of a series of further gatherings including an anti-Trump and anti-Tory 12-hour “DJ marathon party” in Soho, and a march at Cavendish Square Gardens by the Friends of Al Aqsa and Muslim Association of Britain on Friday afternoon.

The route the main Trump protest and women’s protest will take

As Mr Trump enjoys a working lunch with Theresa May at her country residence Chequers, demonstrators have been encouraged to bring a “suitably pithy placard” to a child-friendly protest near the Buckinghamshire property.

Busloads of protesters will come from across the UK to London for an early-evening rally at Trafalgar Square on Friday, organisers from umbrella group Together Against Trump said.

The US Embassy in London warned protests Mr Donald Trump’s visit this week could turn violent. 

Issuing a ‘demonstration alert’ the embassy urged people to be aware of their surroundings, exercise caution among large gatherings in case of violence and to keep a low profile.

Donald and Melania Trump with Theresa May (AFP/Getty Images)

With Mr Trump set to travel to Scotland on Friday evening after meeting the Queen at Windsor Castle, a rally is planned for Glasgow’s George Square.

Last night, Donald Trump was booed and jeered as he was helicoptered out of Regent’s Park to attend a black-tie dinner with the Prime Minister.

Protesters shouted “shame on you”, waved anti-Trump placards and banged on pots and pans as the US leader and his wife Melania were flown from Winfield House in London on Marine One.

A large crowd gathered from the early evening to stage a noisy protest in the hope Mr Trump would hear them from behind a tall fence which has been erected around the perimeter of the US Ambassador’s official residence.

Demonstrators adopted an alternative version of England’s World Cup anthem Three Lions as they sang and shouted: “He’s going home, he’s going home, he’s going, Trump is going home.”

Protestors outside the entrance to Blenheim Palace (PA)

A wide range of campaigners, including unions, faith and environmental groups came together to unite in opposition to Mr Trump’s visit to the UK, organisers said.

Bells and whistles rang out alongside cheers and claps for speakers throughout the protest.

Theresa May makes Brexit trade deal pitch at Donald Trump welcome dinner

Placards including “Dump Trump” and “Trump not welcome” were held aloft by the enthusiastic crowd before some began banging on the metal fence, behind which stood a number of Metropolitan Police officers.

A clip of what organisers said was the sound of children crying at the US border after being separated from their parents was played and described by those listening as “disgusting”.

Donald Trump and Theresa May awkwardly hold hands AGAIN (REUTERS)

Earlier, Sam Fullerton from Oklahoma said while Mr Trump may not have seen the protest from Winfield House, which is set back inside the fenced-off area in the park, he hoped he would hear it or see it on television.

Mr Fullerton said: “He watches a lot of TV so he’ll see it on TV. Or they may be out in the backyard.”

His wife Jami, a Hillary Clinton supporter, said the protest was “democracy at its finest”.

“I’m here to witness democracy outside of our own country to see how other democratic societies express themselves,” she said. “I think it’s great. The British are pretty gentle people.”

John Rees, of the Stop The War group, described Mr Trump as a “wrecking ball” as he addressed those gathered.

He said: “He’s a wrecking ball for race relations, he’s a wrecking ball for prosperity, he’s a wrecking ball for women’s rights, he’s a wrecking ball for any peace and justice in this world and we have to stop him.”

Mr Rees said some of those gathered planned to stay for Mr Trump’s return after the First Couple dine at Blenheim Palace with Mrs May.

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