Donald Trump London protest news: All of the best slogans and banners from the anti-Trump rallies

Tens of thousands of people took to London’s streets today to protest against US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

Scores of people descended on central London for a women’s march and a ‘Stop Trump’ protest chanting “build bridges, not walls.”

Protesters also let their voices be heard through some ingenious slogans and banners.

Many of the banners simply read “Trump not Welcome”, “#DumpTrump” or “Together Against Trump.”

But some activists took their creativity one step further.

One glamorous protester held a sign that read “Trump stole all my bronzer” and an infant’s tiny sign read: “I’m less of a baby.”

There was also some signs making reference to Theresa May, after the pair were pictured standing side by side earlier in the President’s visit.

One sign read: “Go home Trump and take May with you.”

While another said: “Trump loving Tories & DUP forget Ulster says no to Brexit.”

Other signs were slightly cruder, with one protester holding a sign which read: “My morning dump has more sense than Trump.”

Echoing that line of fun, another protester’s sign said: “In England Trump means fart #PresidentFart.”

As well as large banners, there was also protesters carrying paintings. 

One man carried a canvas which had an image of Mr Trump as King Kong, climbing over Big Ben, with the Queen on his back.

Other images of Mr Trump were also created, with one sign showing him as a duck under the slogan “Donald Duck off.”

The march started outside the BBC building in Portland Place before passing through Oxford Circus and ending in a rally at Trafalgar Square.

Flying overhead was also the enormous balloon depicting Donald Trump as an angry baby clutching a smartphone, which was inflated in front of the large crowd before setting off.

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