Donald Trump baby balloon: Protesters refused permission to fly US president baby blimp in Scotland

Protesters have been refused permission to fly the giant inflatable balloon of Donald Trump that flew above Westminster in Scotland.

Creators of the blimp had ambitions of going on tour to Scotland with the oversized image of Mr Trump on Saturday, July 14.

But protesters have been denied permission to take the blimp to Holyrood and fly it at a protest near Scottish Parliament.

The 20ft inflatable depicting the US president as a nappy-clad baby holding a mobile phone was flown above Parliament Square in London on Friday.

The ‘Trump baby’ blimp has taken to the sky above Westminster

It prompted Mr Trump to say it made him “feel unwelcome” in the city, on his second day of a four-day UK visit.

The blimp was flown in London on Friday, July 13 (Reuters)

Organisers had planned to transport the blimp to Scotland overnight on the sleeper train and fly it at a protest.

But a spokeswoman for the Scottish Parliament said: “Parliamentary officials have declined a request to fly the balloon at Holyrood, as it would not be an appropriate use of the Parliament’s grounds.

“We do, however, support the right to protest and have agreed to the rally setting off from Holyrood on Saturday.”

Earlier, protester Leo Murray, one of the blimp’s “babysitters”, said: “We were inundated with messages from friends and allies in Scotland asking us to bring Trump baby up, so we really wanted to make sure that he could be a part of the amazing spread of protests taking place over the weekend.

“Trump’s politics are dangerous and divisive, and the baby balloon has been a tremendous success in highlighting the racism, misogyny and xenophobia in the ‘toddler in chief’s’ presidency.”

The group’s previous attempt to have the blimp fly above the Trump Turnberry golf course as the president visits there this weekend were blocked due to airspace restrictions.

Various protests are planned to coincide with the president’s visit to Scotland, including a national demonstration and “carnival of resistance” in Edinburgh.

Additional reporting by Press Association.

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