Donald Trump admits 'I try like hell to hide by bald spot' during speech to conservative activists

Donald Trump admitted he “tries like hell to hide his bald spot” during a speech to conservative activists in Maryland.

The US president became distracted by his own image as he spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference just outside Washington DC on Friday.

He told the crowd: “By the way what a nice picture that is, look at that, I’d like to watch that guy speak.”

Then placing his hands over his head he added: “I try like hell to hide that bald spot folks, I work hard at it.”

Mr Trump’s hair has become something of a talking point after footage emerged earlier this month of it blowing in the wind, fuelling speculation surrounding his hair loss.

A clip uploaded to YouTube showed the US president boarding Air Force One when a huge gust of wind whipped it up and appeared to reveal the extent of the his hair loss as it exposed his balding scalp.

Trump’s hair blows in the wind

In the past, the president has repeatedly had to deny allegations that he wears a wig.

Meanwhile medical results revealed by the White House earlier this year showed Mr Trump takes takes propecia for male hair loss.

On Friday, Mr Trump started his speech by telling conservative activists that he’s proven he’s one of them.

He opened by reminding the group that when he first started running, people questioned the former Democrat’s conservative credentials.

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