Charlie Gard's father blasts Rebekah Vardy in scathing Facebook post for saying his son never had a chance

Charlie Gard’s father has hit out at WAG Rebekah Vardy after she had said there was “nothing that could be done” for him in a TV appearance on Loose Women.

The former I’m a Celeb contestant, who is married to footballer Jamie Vardy, spoke of the toddler during a discussion about seriously ill 21-month-old Alfie Evans on the TV programme.

The panel were comparing Charlie’s case to a recent High Court ruling which agreed that doctors could withdraw life-support from Alfie, who suffers from a serious neurological condition, against his parents’ wishes.

When Alfie was likened to Charlie in the discussion, Mrs Vardy said: “Although Charlie Gard was slightly different. With no disrespect to his family, there was really nothing they could do for him.”

Panelist: Rebekah Vardy made the comments during an interview on Loose Women (ITV)

Mrs Vardy later clarified in a tweet that she had meant there was nothing Charlie’s parents could have done after the High Court ruling.

But, after the interview aired, Chris Gard took to social media to tell Mrs Vardy she was “categorically wrong” in a heated and emotionally-charged rant.

“How dare you mention my son when you know nothing!” he wrote.

“I’ll just include the letter from seven worldwide experts in mitochondrial disease that advocated that this actual treatment could work for Charlie. So there was something that could be done for him. They just wasted time.

Charlie: The tot died last year (PA)

“I’m sick to death of hearing my son’s name just thrown about and everyone thinking that we had false hope and we were fighting a lost cause and that we just couldn’t let go of our child. These people are so wrong!

“I’ve still yet to see one piece of evidence that went before the judge in April that said my son had irreversible structural brain damage. Not one. They didn’t even have a neurologist as a witness at the trial. Does that not tell you something?

“I will not have my son’s name and what we did for him tarnished by anyone. Unless you know the facts, keep your opinions to yourself. You really don’t have a clue.”

Signing off the letter with a picture of a shrine for his baby son, he added: “Love you Charlie. Miss you so much champ and I still get prouder of you by the day.”

Tributes flow in for Charlie Gard

The pledge of Charlie’s parents became an international story when they appealed against Great Ormond Street doctors in a battle to keep their son alive.

He was born in 2016 with mitochondrial depletion syndrome – a rare condition that causes severe brain damage and erosion of the muscles.

Alfie Evans: the toddler suffers with a serious neurological condition (PA)

In July, the High Court ruled against their wishes and allowed medics to withdraw life support for the 11-month-old. 

The parents of Alfie Evans, who has an unspecified condition, are launching an appeal against the High Court ruling.

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