Canadians Melina Roberge and Andre Tamine admit part in £12m cruise ship cocaine plot involving Isabelle Lagace

Two Canadians have admitted their part in a plot to smuggle £12million worth of cocaine into Australia on a cruise ship.

Melina Roberge, 23, and Andre Tamine, 64, who are both from Quebec, reportedly changed their plea to guilty before their scheduled trial started this week. 

They had initially denied playing a role in the plot to smuggle 95kg of drugs on the MS Sea Princess in 2016.

Fellow Canadian Isballe Lagacé, a 28-year-old former porn model, admitted trying to smuggle the cocaine on the ship from Britain in 2016.

Melina Roberge, left, and Isabelle Lagacé posted photos of their holiday on social media

The discovery marked the largest seizure of drugs on a passenger boat ever in Australia, authorities said at the time.

Roberge and Lagacé’s social media profiles showed the pair apparently enjoying a seven-week holiday on the cruise from Southampton.

When the ship docked in Sydney in August 2016, sniffer dogs found 35kg of cocaine in their shared cabin, with another 60kg found in Tamine’s cabin, according to reports.

The three were charged with importing a commercial quantity of cocaine, an offence which could see them jailed for life.

Lagacé has previously been jailed for seven-and-a-half years.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that she said in an affidavit: “It pains me to know my most defining years of womanhood will be spent in jail… I feel remorse and anger at myself about being involved with people who are part of a dirty, dirty drug trade”.

Tamine and Roberge are expected to be sentenced later this year.

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