Britain's pets embrace the snow as Beast from the East hits UK

As Britons battled through the snow to get to work their four legged friends were busy embracing snow as blanketed the country.

Across the nation people have been posting images of their pets frolicking in the winter showers.

Temperatures plummeted at the beginning of the week and up to 20 cm of snow was predicted in some areas.

Commuters were warned of severe travel delays due to icy roads and snow flurries.

Philip Vincent posted a video of his pup enjoying the snow on Twitter with the caption: “The dog is loving the #snow this morning. #beastfromtheast.”

Sara from Essex posted a picture of a tiny pony rolling in the snow, she wrote: “Good Morning From Barling Magna, Essex .. here are our ponies having some fun in the snow & our dog on the beach in Shoeburyness #uksnow #BeastfromEast #snow #SnowWatch #UKWeather #Essex”

Another person posted a photo of her excitable dog claiming that it was refusing to come indoors.

Forecasters have predicted that the sub-zero temperatures will continue over the next few days and anticipate it being the coldest week since 1991.

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