Boxer Rod Salka wears 'America First' shorts before being defeated by Mexican opponent Francisco Vargas

A boxer who wore ‘America First’ shorts for his fight against his Mexican opponent was defeated after six rounds of sparring. 

Rod Salka, a 35-year-old super-featherweight, wore shorts covered in a red and blue brick pattern accompanied by the slogan ‘America 1st’. 

But the stunt backfired after “El Bandido” Vargas connectedwith  a fierce uppercut to Salka’s jaw in the fifth round at the Fantasy Springs Resort in Indio, California.  

The shorts, inspired by Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan and his plans to build a border wall with Mexico, were widely derided on social media. 

Boxing writer Ryan Songalia wrote on Twitter: “Rod Salka worse ‘America 1st’ and a wall pattern on his trunks against Mexican fighter Francisco Vargas, and ended up getting his ass kicked.” 

While Phil Lo Grey simply added: “Lmao enjoy getting plastered by a Mexican my guy”. 

Commenting on the fight, Rian Scalia said: “Rod Salka is literally wearing shorts with a brick wall design that have ‘America 1st’ written across the waistband and he’s getting beat up by a Mexican.” 

While Anton Rubaclini wrote: Rod Salka wore ‘America First’ with Trump’s brick wall decorating his trunks…[and] a Mexican fighter just broke him down and made [him] quit on his stool. 

“Breaking Trump’s wall. You can’t make this stuff up. Only in boxing.” 

The US President has previously insisted the Mexican government would subsidise the building of his “big, beautiful wall” – a claim the administration has rebuked. 

It remains unknown who paid for the shorts. 

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