Astonishing moment drunk man narrowly escapes death after lying beneath speeding train

This is the astonishing moment a reckless drunk man narrowly escaped death after a speeding train passed over him as he lay on a railway line.

Derek Acton, 44, miraculously came away unscathed after climbing down from the platform and allowing the train to pass over him at high speed.

Dramatic CCTV footage showed him lying down just seconds before the train sped over his body at the station in Harlow, Essex.

Acton, who cost Network Rail £11,600 in compensation delays, was checked over by paramedics following the incident at 7.40pm on October 28. 

He was unharmed and required no further treatment, police said. Acton was charged with railway obstruction. 

Shocking: The man climbed down from the platform and allowed a train to speed over him (British Transport Police)

The intoxicated man was slapped with a £570 fine and given a 12-month community order at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Friday, February 19. 

He was also ordered to undergo 60 days of alcohol abstinence.

Police issued footage on Friday and warned of the dangers of trespassing on railway lines and said the man was “lucky to be alive”.

BTP inspector Steve Webster described Acton’s actions as “baffling”.

He said: “Quite frankly, Acton is lucky to be alive. In his intoxicated state, he climbed down onto the tracks and lay in the path of a fast approaching train. His actions were baffling. 

“I hope Acton sticks to his community order and the alcohol abstinence requirement. Hopefully he will steer clear of the tracks and avoid being involved in another near miss.

“The railway is an extremely dangerous place to trespass. Every year my officers are called to tragic incidents where someone has died or seriously injured as a result of being hit by a train. Please remember to stay off the tracks and away from danger.”

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